About V2.00

A whole new look!

Startler does skins now, and two of them are included with the download: Brass, which is actually worth using, and Blah, which is pretty close to the old look (we couldn't bring ourselves to call it "classic").

Also, there are now four separate timers available.

That's about it! Read the Help Files on how to make your own skin. Send it to us, and we'll put it on the website!

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Simba, Sally, Liz, Gene, and Sid.


Many small improvements:

The Nino now shows 1/100 seconds in Timer mode! For reasons that are opaque to us, the guys at Philips decided that the Nino should only keep Real Time accurate to 1 second. The Casio, for example is happy to give you real time in milliseconds. We believe we've worked around this odd behavior, and that the stopwatch time shown on both units should be accurate.

Startler should now recognize your Regional Settings for time, and properly display a 24 hr format, if that's what you have selected.

The assignment of wav files to alarms has been cleaned up, so that Startler's more likely to show the proper file that you've selected.

Startler now actually fits on the screen, even if you're suffering from the W - I - D - E dialog problem!

Now, when you exit Startler, it will confirm the next alarm that you have set.

Also, Startler will now run happily from a Storage Card, and start up correctly if the PPC is off. This comes with a caveat, though! If you have StarTap installed, then you must upgrade it to V3.40 (or better) to have Startler operate properly. If StarTap is not installed, then Startler runs normally, but will not start up automatically from a Storage Card (no program will!). If StarTap is installed, then Startler will not start automatically at all unless StarTap's upgraded to V3.40 (available today). So, do the two upgrades together, and you'll be fine.

The BIG clock display now covers the whole screen, even if Auto Hide is used on the TaskBar.

You can no longer trash your date setting by trying to set a bizarre time. In V1.22 if you entered, for example "2:89" as the time to set, Startler changed your date to January 1, 1850. No longer!

In Count Down Timer mode, the time entered is now interpreted as hh:mm:ss, rather than just hh:mm.

That's It!

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Simba, Sally, Gene, and Sid