About V2.00

Well, it's been awhile, but it was worth waiting for! Starbuck now reads TXT, HTML, PRC, PDB, bReady, UniCode, and its own native format, Zipped-HTML.

Also, it now supports Full Screen mode, AutoScroll, and Landscape viewing.

Finally, instead of the limited Upper and Lower screen buttons, there are now (count 'em!) twelve areas around the edge of the screen that can be assigned to any of 26 functions.

The basic operation should be reasonably familiar. To set the viewing mode, go to Menu / Preferences / Appearance. There, you can set 11 attributes that determine how the text will be displayed. If they don't make sense, just select the little help button!

To assign functions to the active areas on the screen, go to Menu / Preferences / Buttons. Just tap on the button that you want to assign, and then select it's function from the ListBox. Note that one of these functions is On / Off, which allows you to disable these active screen areas temporarily. There's help available on this page, too, for more description.

AutoScroll can be assigned to a button, or selected through Menu / Preferences / AutoScroll. Up and Down will slow it and speed it up, and any other button will stop it. AutoScroll works in all modes.

The Help Files are up-to-date, so look there for details!

About V1.73:

Just marginal improvements this time. Next: Prc and Pdb Docs!

Starbuck will no longer choke on bReady books that have pictures in them.

Also, the Table of Contents for bReady books is now in the proper order.

Starbuck now recognizes HTML tags of the " and the
– variety.

That's it for now, but we're getting better!


Starbuck does bReady! Point Starbuck at a '.brd' book, and it *should* come through OK. In the menu, there's a new item when you're reading a bReady book. Select Contents to open a list showing the bReady Table of Contents. Scroll down to an item, click on Action, and you're there. You should have Hide HTML selected and Indent de-selected for best results.

"Should" in this case means that '.brd' is someone else's file format, and while things *seem* to work as they should, there may still be some bumps in the road. If you have a '.brd' document that you think Starbuck is making a mess of, tell us about it!

Starbuck now knows how to Find phrases. Select Find from the menu, and a dialog appears accept the word or phrase to search for. Enter it, and press Find. The searching progresses at a pretty good clip: it'll find something at the end of a 1.5MB book in about 4 seconds.

Beyond that, smaller additions:

The Bookmark functions have been moved to their own sub-menu, and have a couple of additions: Delete, and Order. Go To a bookmark, and then select Delete to kill it off. If you want your bookmarks to stay in their natural order, rather than getting reshuffled all the time, put a check mark next to Order.

A Font can now be selected as Bold or not. Also, The Point Sizes of the Fonts now display correctly.

The Nino gets a little hard to read around the edges, so you can select Margins in Preferences to pull the screen in a little.

Thumbs Up!
Simba, Sally, Gene, and Sid